The "Dream Separator LCSS " is able to separate the undiluted slurry solution into a Solid & Liquid form. The system is designed with internal & external cylinders, a screw conveyor and a power unit. The LCSS device utilises high revolving speeds & specific gravity which result in the very efficient dehydration of the slurry. Continuous processing of the slurry is also facilitated by LCSS. 

Principle of the LCSS separation process

 1 The inside cylinder (3)  and screw conveyor (2) are revolving with high speed in a  clockwise motion at  different speeds.

The undiluted slurry solution is supplied through the feed pipe (1), the slurry is entered through the top of the system. The LCSS device then diffuses the solution equally in 360 degrees.


The substance with the highest specific gravity will adhered to the inner wall of the inside cylinder (3). Then the  screw conveyor brings it down to discharge. The clearance of inside cylinder and screw conveyor is approximately 1mm- 3mm.


There is a slight slope at the bottom part of  the inside cylinder to gain lifting force. Therefore, liquid solution (smaller specific gravity) is driven up to the top discharge.


As the result of separating undiluted solution into solid and liquid at the bottom and the top, LEC has successfully accomplish high efficiency and continuos operation.

Principle of the Technology


Pre-treated liquid is supplied from the upper part of the system. (The separation process will be done naturally with gravitational force)

 2 Newly invented device (4) diffuses the solution equally to direction of  360C.

The difference in revolving speed of inside cylinder and screw conveyor are very small.


The difference in revolving speed of inside cylinder and screw conveyor are always constant.


Capable of unmanned 24-hour continuous operation.

 6 The device can be easily started and stopped at any time.
 7 Barely noticeable vibration.

The unit is compact. LCSS is as small as 1/3 of a horizontal centrifuge system with the same capacity.

Principle of the Performance

 1 Enable to collect Minute Particles
(also Submicron substances are

Very clear separated liquid will be collected. (High Percentage to collect substances)


Solids containing a low percentage of water will be collected (especially for inorganic materials the water content rate is approximately 5~20%)